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Silly software bug how could i use tgat much


I am crazy, and I know I am

Hope thats makes me less crazy

5 am bed time

2 weeks uni break

It was no holiday.

I want 2 more weeks.




I had a good time, but like stars better


Working on soft eng ass2, so I can go out tomorrow. ^^ v.

Dinner was yummy…. Fat pork,,, ggggggoooooddddddlllyyy

Tooo much moon cake ( less than half , not that much rilli)

dun like the hard egg york(sometime is hard), the the outer bit and red oil from it is nice.

I like moon cake yummmyy

I love to eat anything. ~.~ just a few I dun eat.

I eat lots when I have stress. I am a little stress about uni things, a lot due soon, however didnt eat much these days. Wanna keep fit, yes guys does it too -.- most guys just dont show it, when no one is looking they go on diet.

Omg I forgot to take any photo, hving too much fun that I forgot it.

How to forget your ex 101

So I broke up with my 6 years girlfriend, we were at the stage of talking to parents about marrage and already bought a house, any how she did something I cant torate, and she is with this new guy now. This happened around 3 months ago.

Now we still call sometimes just ask how is things going. She calls me mostly for tech support. Few times about how is thing going. Something never changes -.-

her mail still come in my house sometimes, so we meet sometimes

I think is pretty cool that I got over her in such a short time.

Here is my advice.

- understand there will be a time he/she does not matter that much anymore.

- is likely the relationship was a bit sick.

- go out with friends and vent it out, opp sex friends works better i find. (maybe my guys friends just sucks.) ,f ind someone who you can tell everything.

- try to understand it is pretty common for it to happen. Just an other common case.

- try dont think about the pass. When u do, dont just think about the happy stuff think about how he/she pissed you off

- dont read your diary or his/her diary

- dont flick though the photos

- dont play love song or any songs that get you think about it

- stay healthy

I am happy that I broke up with her.
We fight over stupit stuff even after all those years.


Staying home most of the time these 2 days.

Putting a break on uni stuff

Kaz gone japan

Dun want to see winters

Miss bb already. New best friend+

She is so warm.

Girl friend is totally better than guy friend.

Got myself a blood pressure meter. Since it was a bit high at the doctor yesterday.

Started to code the site for tom. Still need to learn a bit more about paypal api. I plan as I code, but isnt working at peak. I guess I should learn to do planning.

Wireframe – done
Seq – done

Arrrrr…… So hungry….. Fruit is ok right ! There is Pear.

J dun like pear. Pear is yum. J is dum.
Just thought it raims

I m in love with pizza atm. Big fish little fish still open, their pizza is yum. But 1am shouldnt eat that. I pretty much likes to eat anything :p

I think, I am thinking too much

<3 b

Edit: 3am soon still cant sleep