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Google street view

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Love Me Tender


Hacker’s Guide to Tea | World of Tea

Nom nom bella cook

Feed me before i eat u

RTA $10,000 programming comp

Predict travel time on Sydney’s M4 freeway from past travel time
observations, price $10,000

I got fat

Luxon Theory – The cause of Albert Einstein`s special theory of relativity

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Software engineer and $$$

According to their numbers, the average software engineer at Google makes $98,800 a year. That’s less than a software engineer atApple ($99,000), Yahoo ($102,000), Cisco($106,000), and…wait for it…Facebook($110,500).

When you add in average annual bonuses, that same Google software engineer currently takes home a total of $120,178.

There’s only one company where a software engineer makes more when you add in bonuses: Facebook, where the total averages $122,400.