Sunrise photo shoot fail, bb just called saying weather not good, bah, I think she is just lazy, and dun want to get out of her warm bed at 5 am. she is saying tomorrow, weather report says it will be be sunnier than today, hope she can get up. (edit: for the record it was her idea !! )

Then she asked if I will consider to have a girlfriend, she said her friend likes me,

arrr, I dun want a girlfriend or I kind of have someone in mind already, but there is issues there too, hmm,

relationship is too complicated, and last one was hurt.

and there is no rush to find a girl friend, lets get to know each other better first as friends.

well if I have a new girlfriend, I think it would be because I lost self control because I love her too much, and she will likely be one of my close friends.

but if she fall for someone else while we are just friends, I think I will get heartache.

bah, I shouldn’t think too much about girlfriend, I want to learn more stuff and better myself more and build everything necessary to provide the environment she deserves. Well if I find the right person, I think is fun to build it with her.


thinking about going to photo shoot by myself.

Edit: been there done that =]

Edit: added photos, no editing just fresh from camera.

Edit: I made breakfast myself ^^

Edit: there is a look in her friend’s eye, which I didnt rilli understand, now I know what that means. =]

She is great, good girl and likes photography, just I dont want a girlfriend, sorry. There is only 1 person I will even consider right now, and I am stopping myself to even do that.

J called last night when i m trying to sleep, found her annoying, always tech support calls when I am trying to sleep

Note to self: dont fall for anyone atm atleast few weeks, i just stated my single life and i m enjoying it, well with bb most of the time and I have fun with her.

Edit: some editing on my iphone

I forgot to bring tripod > < ”