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I fancy the blue chick from Avatar.


Log Winters & Dami @ HK

Meet with winters and his fd dami, she is very nice person



Soon will be 2010

Soon will be 1/2 year since I left J

Ideally I want a gf with devil’s body and angel’s mind. But I have to be realistic.

I need to know what values I am looking for.

What I m looking for have change a lot.
Before better than J was good enough but the longer I m single the more I know what I want, thats good, I m not looking for a upgrade, I m looking for what I want.

I have been asking myself this.
Why the hell will a pretty girl with a good heart be single. I m pretty sure they are already taken. Well there is some window of opportunity when they broke up, ranging from few days to few years.


Meet some new fds from pun this week.
First time I rank them x.
2nd time after know them better, somehow gone up by 1

Still hvnt find my cup of tea yet.

I have to get pun to introduce me his 7+ group.



Bb’s gift from CA


my weight lost program needs to start again.

my legs still hvn’t recover yet, can’t really run much.



Ate too much today

Few of my hk fd are thinking about getting married.

One already did and have a 6 month old baby.

Personally I think it is better after 25. So thats like 27 – 28 for me, she is likely to be younger.

On avg ppl get like 7 gf before getting married. So far I got 1 and I hv never dated (maybe some coffee dates, or just fds meet up, but not a fully planned day out with a girl, I have only plan it for my ex for special oc), I didn’t date last gf she sort of dated me…

I have a feeling my next 1-2 gf is the one, or I will be a devil and have 50+ gf

Next trip

Ski in swiss ?


I used to feel people (girls) are more pretty, did they just got ugly or my eyes got better at finding people’s ugly parts.

In hk about 10% are ok looking in the datable range, age 18 – 25

In jp about 50% ok looking they know how to whore it up, esp their hair, but when I look closer maybe 20% is ok

From that 10-20% who are pretty, isnt crazy, is single, is greeky, is lovable, is cute, is smart, is kind, is nice, is compatable with me.

If my math is right, chance to have someone like that is < 0.1 %

That means I have to meet lots and lots of new girls