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J is coming HK tomorrow.


my HK sim dont have data … feel so incomplete…

when it is out of battery, feel even shitter


Got a bit sick, been like that for maybe a week…

My throat just got worst…


Well I have been asking my girl friends, what is the most romantic thing happened to them / what is Romantic for them.

I think I got the main factors.

Things that are done to show that you care and love her (not practical tho, practical stuff usually isn’t romantic but its still caring tho)

Dim the lights, candles, sun set, sun rise, ( Low light ! )

and if she don’t love you, nothing is ! If she does Everything is !

GF Ableabilty v2.0

  • Must have the lost art of Picking up the phone
  • Need to be 准時 at least most of the time ( <10% miss rate )

J did ok for these 2


Queen Elizabeth Hospital



1 day before leavin sydney,

Meet isa for coffee,

Dinner with pun, mic, mac, bra @ pan cake.

Then went drinking and talk about girls, also Mic keep saying her boyfriends suck



I am type A, b is well b, don’t know about J

They are just generalization, this one is pretty true on a number of things.

everyone have a bit of everything, I think even the sweetest angel have some evil thought.


Have this slight headache

Now I can hula hoop !

Tummy hurts … because of hula hoop,

I can hula hoop now ~ hahahahahah

Didn’t practice  much at J home, it was so noisy when it drops on the hard floor


Where is my cup of tea ?

I am hungry tooooooo


Waiting for my packages … I dont think I can get them before I go HK :(