I love penny from the big bang theory.

She is awesome.


Been watching it for the pass days


Need to have a water spoof screen or stop eatting while watching.

Random thought:

Hate J

Will never ever get back with her.

Please dont call me about your computer problems, normal talk is fine.

Just google your computer problems.

Edit: omg she just called for tech support, just had to tell that to her

No I will not fix your computer !

Found her tech support call annoying even when i m not trying to sleep.

Need to put more time on uni stuff.

Done redownloading the missing big bang theory ep ^^

LalalalalLzlakalakLalala bored.

J dont matter anymore, I guess is time for new gf.

Turned down 1 girl yesterday, kind of strange she didnt ask herself.
Meet her 2 times, never thought of it.

Well I said I dont want a gf, thats not so true now.

I just need to have feelings.

J im moving on to new gf, byebye