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Jack Johnson







Need to implement a scheduler for myself,

im lazy i dont do anything unless there is a deadline. I should set some. (exception sometimes I do it for <3 of it)

Need to get the core stuff of me in there.




Well aware what i need to do when i got home (Do uni stuff T_T ), i took the longest path i can think of.

Burger smells nice ^^

Found a awesome sit for a perfect shot.

Uncle’s birthday today, gonna let them have their 2 people world

Ps. Waiting in line when hungry sucks.

edit: Procrastinating while got 2 other task done, namely loose weight and take photo.

All by iphone camera !!


After reading bb’s post.
I am wondering what is it, what does it mean. I believe I am 幸福 because my well being and family. But I have never think about what it really is or means.

What is it in English ?? Happiness joy? Yes but is not the same.
幸福 is a deeper emotion than 開心.

I think it is easier to understand if I try to find out what prevents 幸福,
sickness, war / confects , hunger ( not what we call hungry), hate, lost (all kinds), stress, pain.

Things that enhance 幸福 could be, family, friends, love, enough resource to maintain a comfortable level of living.

It is a state of mind. Where we feel happiness no matter of the circumstances is. (Thinking of a better string of words)
Edit: 滿足 ?

Edit: I think maybe, The feeling of I have the best, not necessary the best for everyone, but the best for me.




p_2048_1536_aa2c550b-012d-4e9e-ae32-2d9cd7826a4f copy

It got out.

What will I do today, if today is the last, I am very sure about that, so I did, even just a touch.


Should Think about uni stuff now.

Thumb pain

Both my thumbs are in pain caused by over blogging on my iphone.

Right thumb T_T

Edit: a number (2) of people become concern about my thumb, is not that bad, think of over playing gameboy, well my thumb skin is still here =]
<3 u mum =]

in other news, I gained weight. Fat FAT FaT FAt. 78kg atm. T_T

Want to watch a movie, Couples Retreat, lets skip breaking, bb k ? =]


Bb 話我細心, but I think I am careless and forgetful

I always remember stuff  I have already forgotten.


to fix forgetful:

trying to make less stuff I need to remember, by doing them.





last night and today’s plan

home -> sleep -> dream wake 11pm-> sleep -> dream wake at 12pm (i m owl) -> chatting with isabela and kaz on msn untill like 4am while researching camera stuff -> watch desperate housewives and how i met ur mother -> chat with bb -> shower -> Run should go before shower – skip! -> breakfast -> get ticket to HK ( late Nov – late Feb ) -> get tax pack-> uni -> read embeded project, make plan with dates -> work on mobile dev, get the mic working (display value) and dont go home until done.

Want it so badly >.<

need to cut down fat food.