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quirks and quarks podcast

was listening to it while working on assignment

Connected – the Science of Social Networking

Listen to or download the audio filemp3

Connected cover

You might think Social Networks are those things we play with on the Internet, but in fact, they’re just a pale electronic imitation of the social networks that really affect our lives. In a new book, Connected: The Surprising Power of our Social Networks and How They Shape our Lives, Dr. Nicholas Christakis, a physician and professor at Harvard University, and his co-author Dr. James Fowler, explore the ties that bind us to our friends and our communities, and how they affect our health, our wealth and our welfare. Among the surprising revelations is the fact that it’s not just your friends that influence you, but the indirect influence of their friends, and their friends’ friends. These influences have a significant effect on your tendency to obesity, to whether you smoke or not, and on your politics and your prosperity. In fact, Christakis and Fowler suggest that we have a genetic predisposition to be part of these webs of influence, acting in some ways like herd animals or social insects, as our behaviour is regulated by the actions of all those around us.

Busy BuSy BusY

Uni UNi UnI, I hate you.


is not that bad, just need to work ><

my back hurts from sitting too much on the computer chair.

new big bang and how i met ur mother <3

<3 big bang





Idea 1

Take half year off and go backpacking, ( Not now )

anywhere in the world.

realized I like to travel, just not with J.

Idea 2

Also might go to Japan for a month or so when Kaz decided to go back.

Need Japanese 101


Woke up 3:30am

Fall aslep without knowing i did.


  1. Left Kaz’s place
  2. Lunch
  3. Went to Winters house
  4. Met his housemates and Bree, she is cute, their ex housemate. (I thought is their gf, dam should have asked earlier)
  5. Did some breaking with them, winters and kaz just play pc games and watch gundom …
  6. Play silly games with their cute dog
  7. Sleep, not on Floor this time
  8. Dinner with Win and Kaz, I ate a whole pizza !

Spare Time.



Sleeping on the floor tonight ><

My back >_<

Signal very bad here, hate 3 network

Kaz is finally back. Went over to his house,

didn’t see his sister tho, she is a stealth ninja !

Sleeping bag ftw

This guy have to grow up


Cooking Jono

I <3 all of these !

Think -> Buy -> Cook , me! me! me!

So hungry, didn’t take time to take photos.

Headache all day

Sometimes just had to take Panadol.

I hate pills !

Well at least I got some good progress on Mobile Dev today.