Have this slight headache

Now I can hula hoop !

Tummy hurts … because of hula hoop,

I can hula hoop now ~ hahahahahah

Didn’t practice  much at J home, it was so noisy when it drops on the hard floor


Where is my cup of tea ?

I am hungry tooooooo


Waiting for my packages … I dont think I can get them before I go HK :(



Was gonna go k and club, but i too tired, might get up like 3 am coz i m gonna sleep now.

Happy i Didnt go coz i m pretty dead now.


Problem (Sleeping and waking up)

so it is 4am 6 am soon,

I need to get up at 9:30 am to go to the beach …

btw, today was pretty awesome, we got the 10 ticket pack since it is cheaper than 9 tickets.

Went to eat dinner with them.

With the usual guys and 3 girls, 1 cute, 1 sporty, 1 normal. However they are not my cup of tea.

2012 is a awesome movie.

then most ppl left after the movie,

Pun, Brian, me had few drinks until like 1am, hot dog was awesome, and now I m still awake…

just ate 5 packs of kitkat and with some honey ……… adding honey to everything atm, will get sick of honey soooon..

Wikipedia is awesome, but still didnt help much about what I am feeling.


Fat fat fat fat

78.5 kg ……

Eating lots of junk after 12 am ….

6am bed time

Gonna go watch 2012 when i get up

Tomorrow hitting the beach

Wish list

Cute Sleeping bag


New year prediction

I predict for 2010

Pun get new gf in 1Q as he always had for the pass 3 years, 1 year 1 new gf.
I think she is short/tiny, thin, cute, talkative, pretty, fun, awesome.



I saw it !!!

It was the brightest thing in the sky !!!

5:51am Good Night
6:45 good night again

I was just watching outside my window , then i went out coz i cant sleep anyways

It was a bit scary, standing alone in the dark, there was some noise in the trees …

When the flash of light went pass it was all worth it. Its so pretty and bright !!


I want GF1 !

First thing when I get back HK is to buy GF1, I love it.

Carrying my DSLR to holiday is just gonna take the fun out, as expensive as it is I will get it, I m even tempted to buy it here but $1500 Aud  just seems a bit too much for my tiny bank account.

I think its around 6000 – 7000 hkd in HK, so I m just gonna sitting, waiting, wishing there is stock.

I love it I love it, even I haven’t even touch it once, I want it I want it.

I like its style,

  • Last holiday with DSLR took a lot of awesome photos but it was so heavy carrying it all day on my neck with the Nikon strap was not fun.
  • GF1 can fit in my Jacket !
  • It provides great control and image quality, closer to an DSLR
  • Its kit lens 20mm F1.7 is small, fast, light, awesome
  • I like its smaller shutter lag compare to compacts
  • It does HD video 720p
  • It is well build
  • I just like things that are Boxy and Black.


I Want The Moonwatch too 3570.50.00

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