First thing when I get back HK is to buy GF1, I love it.

Carrying my DSLR to holiday is just gonna take the fun out, as expensive as it is I will get it, I m even tempted to buy it here but $1500 Aud  just seems a bit too much for my tiny bank account.

I think its around 6000 – 7000 hkd in HK, so I m just gonna sitting, waiting, wishing there is stock.

I love it I love it, even I haven’t even touch it once, I want it I want it.

I like its style,

  • Last holiday with DSLR took a lot of awesome photos but it was so heavy carrying it all day on my neck with the Nikon strap was not fun.
  • GF1 can fit in my Jacket !
  • It provides great control and image quality, closer to an DSLR
  • Its kit lens 20mm F1.7 is small, fast, light, awesome
  • I like its smaller shutter lag compare to compacts
  • It does HD video 720p
  • It is well build
  • I just like things that are Boxy and Black.


I Want The Moonwatch too 3570.50.00

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