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Sick – Night 1

Bella and winters came to bring me some food, Bella spend the night here taken care of me, thx Bella, I was hoping that you will come :) dream come true.


Sick very sick

38.9 fever



Dry eyes

Back pain( sleep too much ?)

Still I typed up the report because is due tonight took me 3 hrs.


Omg, dreams are so real, is almost like real.

Learn something today


<input name="myarray['username']" type="text" />
<input name="myarray['another_input']" type="text" />


$arrPost = $this->input->post('myarray');


(   [username] => value,
[another_input] => another value

Gf ablabilty 2.1

She needs to be interesting.

Needs to be Understanding.

Techki, build her own pc is a plus, well only asking interesting questions or help is already good enough, just don’t ask me questions like “insert googleable questions that can be found on the first result link ”

What I don’t like / Turn offs

I went on few dates with this girl but the major turn off is, she don’t know how to update her iPhone. She don’t even have faceboook…
The same girl is studying sth she don’t want, asked her why she just say no choice….. An other turn off
Omg and she also have no interests, no interest in work no interest in her study, no interesting hobby ( she just said hmmm. Eat, movie, tv and sleep….) not interesting at all, well eating could be and better if that includes cooking. Something like taking photos or photography is nice, maybe even just her study, or even sth like danceing. Sth that’s shows her passion and loves.





Had dinner with Bella at kings cross

Note to self: Bella don’t like beef and lamb because of the smell



He is drawing lots of stuff on msn to me, the drawing is fun, but I think Yan should come back quick, he is too bored. There is like 20 drawings , here is one of them


Web dev

I m on my 2 week uni break, but is so busy with the uni projects and assignment. Gonna do team meeting tomorrow at 6 damn so much to do.

Still I took a lot of time to keep developing the uncle’s web project, like hours and hours, well It could of been done, last holiday but with the tiny laptop screen and just no mood to code, now with my desktop an big screen dev, there is progress, and since uncle is coming to do meet up, much better.

Now the client side of the backend is 80% done, starting to write the admin back end, if he ask a dev firm to do this I would guess it will cost somewhere around 50,000-100,000 it’s all custom code, not like a ecom package still it would cost somewhere like 2000 to 5000. Anyway, the paypal payment process is working, however it’s money after all, need to do a good testing after all is done.

This is Step 1. for my dream to make a living from home( Sydney, hk, anywhere)

Hey if this job can can get me a new iPhone and laptop, I would be happy.

The site’s progress was speed-ed up since I finally pay that $4/ month for my server host for the site, when it gen enough money, it will go on a better host, well this should be fine for 1000 users or more, hmm that reminds me I must check the code logic for muti users accessing at the same time.

My huge Head


Wish list

Wow just saw a leak photo of the upcomming iPhone 4g it looks sexy, I have always love this kind of boxy design.

My iPhone 3gs is very useful, I am blogging this with it right now, but the battery can’t even last me a day…. Well I guess I use it to it’s max, I almost do everything with it

Hmmm… 1 year until my contract ends to upgrade …

That dam thing is sexy.