She needs to be interesting.

Needs to be Understanding.

Techki, build her own pc is a plus, well only asking interesting questions or help is already good enough, just don’t ask me questions like “insert googleable questions that can be found on the first result link ”

What I don’t like / Turn offs

I went on few dates with this girl but the major turn off is, she don’t know how to update her iPhone. She don’t even have faceboook…
The same girl is studying sth she don’t want, asked her why she just say no choice….. An other turn off
Omg and she also have no interests, no interest in work no interest in her study, no interesting hobby ( she just said hmmm. Eat, movie, tv and sleep….) not interesting at all, well eating could be and better if that includes cooking. Something like taking photos or photography is nice, maybe even just her study, or even sth like danceing. Sth that’s shows her passion and loves.