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Is 11:30 pm

Must not eat.

But it looks so yummy! ( Huge Topping on a slice of toasted garlic bread)

I am weak !!!

Edit: Once a week, once a week !!!!



Went to meet Stev for embedded software project at uts at 1pm,

but he wasnt there so I called and he is still sleeping. OMG

So I just went out for a walk at Chinatown –> Hyde park –> Botanic Garden –> Opera house —> and walk all the way back –> picked up a pizza at mama’s kicken –> Share Pizza with everyone at lab –> 4:30pm started to work on Embedded software until 8:30pm.

Botanic Garden is a good relax walk, so I called ex to have lunch next week (maybe there), nothing serious just want to have a chat as a friend.

I know her well, I think she need to relax a bit. : – ) more ! not hahaha, so fake ~

Should of put on some sun screen, didn’t plan to walk for 3 hours under the sun.

Note: Photo taken by iPhone cam



Left uni at 10, no train today, so I walked all the way from uts to winyard to catch train buses. On my way there so many people waiting to go in clubs. Been there 2 times, dont like it. Expensive drinks and music so loud cant even hear what i m saying.

Rar da use that entry fee to buy pizza at orchard, their supreme pizza is yummy, should still have change to get a coke.

Chatting with friends is more fun than trying to guess what they are saying over the loud music.

I feel hungry. :-0

Hungry —–> Sleep —–> Not hungry. Magic!!

The hard part is to sleep

Edit: getting fit ! Pretty much jogged all the way to the rocks … I m not that good with roads, direction ok, not roads


Should I ?

This is what I Love to do, but project manager sounds a lot of responsibility, 30k-40k doesn’t match up with the responsibility.

but I would hate to give up the chance.

I Should do this, they seems to align to the way I code myself.

Edit : i say pass, i want to go back to hk n see my family this holiday. Could always cold email them i guess.

And dont want to be a boring manager yet !! I want to be a code monkey first ! Skipping a step will make me lazy and loose the art to code under pressure

Their Showcase looks ok too.




watched 500 days summer today with bb,

hvn’t seen a good movie for a while,

recommended for anyone who broke up,

Edit: next time really need to bring a huge box of tissue, she cry so so much just like a 3 years old. And then happy again so quickly, just like a 3 years old.

Edit: It was one of the most happy day I had. Just watch the stars and talk about life with someone i care about.

Edit: After dinner, she took me to a park, we just watch stars and talk about life. She massage my shoulder and teach me how to do it. It is very nice to have a friend who will pick each other up. ^^, It was one of my happy days. I just love love love to talk to her and share food with her. Miss her so so much.

Yesterday bummed in to Kira when i was taking out the trash,

she is moving in down stairs,

her apt is quite nice, 1 bedroom, i wanna get sth like that too,

Is so beautiful that she and her boyfriend went from highschool and now moving to a new house they bought togetor. I guess this is a big moment for her.
Priness –> Housewife :p

hopes she like her house warming gift.
Got one for myself too :p

500 days.jpg




Yesterday kira's uni event

Yesterday was Kira’s uni event

REBUILD09 Fundraising Night‏,
An event to support the graduating students of Interior Architecture 2009.

I went with Kaz and Kira by train, had a bite with them at Chinatown,

Than we took a cab to the plance and meet up with kira’s bf Arron.

There is a Lego Furniture Competition – buckets of LEGO building blocks will be available for you to build a model furniture piece of your own design. Judged by Michael Alvisse, the winner will receive a special LEGO Technic Set, along with other fantastic prizes.

We had a fun night just having fun building lego and a few drinks with friends


Learning to cook

Bought this book at borders today

Every time i cook it takes all afternoon to make it happen.

Hopefully this book will help.


Weight log


wow , 2kg less when naked


I found love

I know it for a long time.

Is what makes me feel timeless

Is what keeps me up all night

Is what I think about all day

Is what I know from i was young

Is what I am good at

Is what I keep learning and getting better at

Is what i want to do

Is what i want to be

Is what can make me, me. and be in the life i want.

It can povide the life I want.

I can work any time i like.

I can work anywhere I like. Hk, syd, home, beach, on the plane, in a hotel.

I can be with anyone i like while working.

I can make good money from.

I can own my own company.

It is what I want

It is what i want to be

Working 24 hours on it seem like fun

Should pay that $10/month hosting. So the world can see it.

What I have online now, is not the best I can coded in.

I love web development