I know it for a long time.

Is what makes me feel timeless

Is what keeps me up all night

Is what I think about all day

Is what I know from i was young

Is what I am good at

Is what I keep learning and getting better at

Is what i want to do

Is what i want to be

Is what can make me, me. and be in the life i want.

It can povide the life I want.

I can work any time i like.

I can work anywhere I like. Hk, syd, home, beach, on the plane, in a hotel.

I can be with anyone i like while working.

I can make good money from.

I can own my own company.

It is what I want

It is what i want to be

Working 24 hours on it seem like fun

Should pay that $10/month hosting. So the world can see it.

What I have online now, is not the best I can coded in.

I love web development