I want to Emulate this

It’s been a while since I have taken photos, while in HK I did 2 photo shoot with Kit, he have taught me a lot, from the websites he gave me and from his comments.

Now, I am interested in taking photos again, and I have a new model b, she is more a better model than j

from kit’s suggested site, I have picked some photos that I want to emulate.

Here’s the link to those photo

Photography 101 iii

( Coming Soon ) / Editing

Flash + Lighting + Things to avoid



bounce the flash off the ceiling, point the flash at the ceiling not at the subject.

this light up the whole room making the image look more natural and pleasing.

also the light will not be as harsh on the subject.


Day light

flash can be use in the day light,

when the sun is behind the subject, use flash, it can fill in the dark side of the subject

Night time

use tripod !

use long shutter speed even with flash, this allows the weak background light to fill in the background, then the flash will fill in the rest (subject).


there is 2 time that’s best for it, sunrise and sunset.


When taking photo of children or baby, position the camera at their eye level, usually this make it look better.

Don’t take a photo with objects sticking out of people’s head, for example light poles, tress or some background people’s arm.

arrr I need to work on uni stuff now. still lots to write about i think


Wish List

I want I want  I want I want I want,

Nerdy and Sexy !



r-strap  nice too, the normal strap is just too much weight on my neck.


Photograpy 101 ii

Discamer: I am not a Pro. Just to share what I know so far. edit: And my English

Photography 101 part 2.
You don’t need a dslr or any other fancy camera to take good photo. They just offer more flexibility. The camera on your phone is very useful because it is always with you.

For a dslr camera or a camera with manual control, there is a 3 setting that needs to be understand first, other than this ( mostly ) is just your eyes and your subjects.

Changes to any of these changes the brightness of the image because more light is going in. (or more sensitive)

is all about balance of these settings depending on the situation.

Shutter speed.

The time the shutter “opens” to capture light


(assuming they had spin at the same speed, the shutter speed changed, the left one fast shutter speed, the right one slow shutter speed, that also means the Aperture or  iso had changed, for the left one the Aperture will need to be wider to get the same amount of light in, the right one will need a small Aperture or it will be a very bight image (or just white) )

More info:


The size of the hole that lets light into the camera.

wide open – morel light in – shallow depth of field. Smaller F number eg. f/5.6    ,  f/2.8   ,  f / 1.4

narrow – less light in – larger range in focus. Larger F number eg. f/32


(same here S or iso would have changed for these 2 images, is all about balance)

More info:


The sensitivity of the sensor or film.

for digital sensor, large iso means a noises image.


there is 2 value that’s impotent for a lens.

Aperture and focal length “zoom”

White balance ( Color ),

What the human eye see as white is not the same as the camera,

we can see it as white but it turns out to be yellowish because of the color temperature (from light, sun, etc)

to correct this, there is white balance, most of the time the camera get it right, when its wrong, the color will mess up , however it can be corrected in photoshop (better in RAW mode)

To use them

Well for most cameras there are: (this is for nikon)

M anual       -   control  everything

A perture    -  control the Aperture and     +/- Exposure Compensation, S will be set by camera, calculated by the light meter and the Exposure Compensation Setting.

S hutter       -  control the Shutter    and     +/- Exposure Compensation, A will be set by camera, calculated by the light meter and the Exposure Compensation Setting.

P rogram    – controls  +/- Exposure Compensation, “AUTO” A and P or it have some pairs of A and S to choose from.

I use P for just everyday photo, S or A when I have the time to take a nice one. M when I have lots of time and wants to play a bit.

and use tripod !

next topics



things to avoid

6:35 am, nap time.  My sleeping time is so normal.




Sunrise photo shoot fail, bb just called saying weather not good, bah, I think she is just lazy, and dun want to get out of her warm bed at 5 am. she is saying tomorrow, weather report says it will be be sunnier than today, hope she can get up. (edit: for the record it was her idea !! )

Then she asked if I will consider to have a girlfriend, she said her friend likes me,

arrr, I dun want a girlfriend or I kind of have someone in mind already, but there is issues there too, hmm,

relationship is too complicated, and last one was hurt.

and there is no rush to find a girl friend, lets get to know each other better first as friends.

well if I have a new girlfriend, I think it would be because I lost self control because I love her too much, and she will likely be one of my close friends.

but if she fall for someone else while we are just friends, I think I will get heartache.

bah, I shouldn’t think too much about girlfriend, I want to learn more stuff and better myself more and build everything necessary to provide the environment she deserves. Well if I find the right person, I think is fun to build it with her.


thinking about going to photo shoot by myself.

Edit: been there done that =]

Edit: added photos, no editing just fresh from camera.

Edit: I made breakfast myself ^^

Edit: there is a look in her friend’s eye, which I didnt rilli understand, now I know what that means. =]

She is great, good girl and likes photography, just I dont want a girlfriend, sorry. There is only 1 person I will even consider right now, and I am stopping myself to even do that.

J called last night when i m trying to sleep, found her annoying, always tech support calls when I am trying to sleep

Note to self: dont fall for anyone atm atleast few weeks, i just stated my single life and i m enjoying it, well with bb most of the time and I have fun with her.

Edit: some editing on my iphone

I forgot to bring tripod > < ”



Lots of stuff to do, yet I managed to go to take photo,

Downloaded a lot of new tv show last night, mythbusters have new ep ! and Big bang and How I meet ur mother !

Watch tv all afternoon,

Bit rush, went out with uncle at 4pm, went back home 2 times, I forgot camera the first time, 2nd time I forgot battery ><

back home at 6 for dinner.


Photography 101

I like to take photo, coz i am very forgetful, it can capture what i saw and even make it better than it really is.

Something i can look at when i got old