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Rewriting the script of my life

Rewriting the script of my life, the old script was “decent” but the the main actor was fired, I will replace it with a better one.

There is only one space available, if I let a “decent” women occupy that space in my life, then there isn’t room for an amazing women.

It is not an “empty space”, I think of it as making room for the woman that are really what I want.

I have attracted one woman into my life, I know I can attract more.




Love this week’s big bang and how i met ur mother, so so funny, those big bang guys got game haha, i love to hv sheldon to be wing man.



Ok, I must admit

Okok, j isn’t the first girlfriend I had,

I love a girl when I was in hk high school, I met her today, her looks didnt change much, but I can tell she have grown up, I sure do have good taste in choosing gf, she is pretty, smart, succussful and above all she is a very very nice person. I was so dumb at that age. I knew nothing about relationship, well i was like 13 or sth. I still remember that crazy heartbeat i had with her, it was the only time i felt such a way



Photo shoot with kit’s friend’s sister


2-27 take off HK

2-28 back to Sydney 9:40 am

Ar b promised to pick me up.

Uncle said he will pick me up, so ar b dont need to la, its very early in the morning.

I hv msn her, Ar b is on the plan to syd atm.



Taken on my way to jp 2 weeks ago

They can play anywhere

log 2010

House party tonight, nothing much, just food and talk.

saw some photos taken half a year ago, I look like hell.

need to keep getting heather and need to have some style.

2 month until going back to Syd and study, need to plan what I want to do here, 2 month is a long time.

01 01 2010, still don’t want to have a gf. maybe I might want one 10 10 2010. I enjoy being single more atm

- 1 kg this week, stopping myself eating too much.

Banning Sweets, Soda, Snacking

Limit bread, cant ban it, i love bread

Put Me back together