watched 500 days summer today with bb,

hvn’t seen a good movie for a while,

recommended for anyone who broke up,

Edit: next time really need to bring a huge box of tissue, she cry so so much just like a 3 years old. And then happy again so quickly, just like a 3 years old.

Edit: It was one of the most happy day I had. Just watch the stars and talk about life with someone i care about.

Edit: After dinner, she took me to a park, we just watch stars and talk about life. She massage my shoulder and teach me how to do it. It is very nice to have a friend who will pick each other up. ^^, It was one of my happy days. I just love love love to talk to her and share food with her. Miss her so so much.

Yesterday bummed in to Kira when i was taking out the trash,

she is moving in down stairs,

her apt is quite nice, 1 bedroom, i wanna get sth like that too,

Is so beautiful that she and her boyfriend went from highschool and now moving to a new house they bought togetor. I guess this is a big moment for her.
Priness –> Housewife :p

hopes she like her house warming gift.
Got one for myself too :p

500 days.jpg