Went to meet Stev for embedded software project at uts at 1pm,

but he wasnt there so I called and he is still sleeping. OMG

So I just went out for a walk at Chinatown –> Hyde park –> Botanic Garden –> Opera house —> and walk all the way back –> picked up a pizza at mama’s kicken –> Share Pizza with everyone at lab –> 4:30pm started to work on Embedded software until 8:30pm.

Botanic Garden is a good relax walk, so I called ex to have lunch next week (maybe there), nothing serious just want to have a chat as a friend.

I know her well, I think she need to relax a bit. : – ) more ! not hahaha, so fake ~

Should of put on some sun screen, didn’t plan to walk for 3 hours under the sun.

Note: Photo taken by iPhone cam