so it is 4am 6 am soon,

I need to get up at 9:30 am to go to the beach …

btw, today was pretty awesome, we got the 10 ticket pack since it is cheaper than 9 tickets.

Went to eat dinner with them.

With the usual guys and 3 girls, 1 cute, 1 sporty, 1 normal. However they are not my cup of tea.

2012 is a awesome movie.

then most ppl left after the movie,

Pun, Brian, me had few drinks until like 1am, hot dog was awesome, and now I m still awake…

just ate 5 packs of kitkat and with some honey ……… adding honey to everything atm, will get sick of honey soooon..

Wikipedia is awesome, but still didnt help much about what I am feeling.