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Capstone Website

Started a template for my Capstone Web site

is [phone tracker 3D visualizer] a good name ?


The pass 48 hours my web host had been very slow and timing out.

Today I went to their live support, and 2 mins later they replied that it was because ther admin is doing some work on the server told me to talk to them again an hour later if there is still a problem, now it is fine again, not bad for a host that cost only cost $4 a month. The only thing is it doesn’t do svn ( is kind of works with ssh+svn ), dreamhost does svn easier, anyway I sign up at assembla, they are good 2G free, enough for my own projects, maybe even small team.


Air-station wireless-G mod (in progress)

Try to do a antenna mod few years back

I soldered the cable and made the cantenna but it didn’t work as  expected, So I undo it all, maybe i will try again in the sem break.

I was trying to connect to my friend’s wifi ~ 2km line of sight, ofcoz he know about this.

Sodering Guide


Wifi Security Test Video Guide




Linux (boot cd)

It still works !



building the 3D matrix

Capstone Source control

my Capstone project is hosted at Google code release in GNU General Public License v2


Gonna start a new site / blog for my capstone project.


When gen ideas, use morkup and demostration on the image

Maths for display arc between 2 point.

Moving arc

Blinks on arc , 2nd arc ?

When connection problem, display ‘network error’ run demo with morkup data.
camera perspective

UTS building ?

Processing Monsters


Email asking for supervisor and idea

Hi Prof David Lowe ,

I am current ICTA student working on the phone tracker project, and I would like to start my capstone next semester (S 2010),

I have an real time project idea that is related to the ICTA phone tracker project,

1) I am wondering if it is a good idea
2) if you would like to be the supervisor for this project.

The Idea:

Using ICTA and ICTD’s real time phone tracker API, generate a Real Time, Animated, 3D Render of the phones that’s detected by the phone tracker system. The location of the phone is located by their PUD id ( id of the detection unit.)

This idea is not new, there is systems currently use to visualize twitter and global internet traffic, the links below have photos and video that illustrates my idea for the phone tracker 3D visualizer.

Possible use of such system.
Provide a “pretty” view of the phone tracker traffic
Provide a map view to for the admin to see the health of the phone tracker system (detected offline, no battery Etc.)

Jonathan Leang (Software Major)

Capstone jounal

Started reading the student guide

A logbook or journal is used to record of the way of the project progress.

- planning
- design ( and resons)
- record of progress

It is my record and needs to be shown to my supervisor.

Need to maintain all the doc untill next sem’s week 4, both soft and hard copy.