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Startup, VC, angel

I was reading more about Posterous on wiki and found their VC firm
that funded them, and wow dropbox was funded by Y combinator.

What Was unknown to me was how little money and % of company equity it
takes them.

Game geeks!

Went out for a drink with friends, 2 girls 2 guys, and all we do is play psp and ds, omg we are such geeks lol, well I am iPhone geek,i don’t have psp or ns, cause i don’t play games much.

Yes mum I really don’t play game on my pc, ask my friends, I m on the pc all the time but I am mostly reading, bloging or programming stuff.

EPM exam

Just done Engineering project management exam yesterday, everyone
thought she isn’t gonna put project network, well I didn’t know what
everyone know, so I studied it, and it was in the exam, 8 marks woot.


Posterous is pretty nice.

Auto post to everything by one email awesome.

Shark meat

Feeling a bit hungry in 4am
Hmmm Shark meat !

My desk

Tools Facebook uses


Futurama returns this week

Love watching that show

Kaz is getting his car tomorrow his dad brought him yesterday.

Kaz is still L, he will do the driving test soon to get his P.