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“If you are the business all alone, then you really haven’t started a business, you’ve just created a job for yourself.”

Sth for myself to think about




A good review on ipad

Many people keep a laptop in the living room, just for a quick email check and reading news online while watching tv. I think ipad is much much better for that.


Just watched a whole movie in Russian with Chinese sub. Is pretty good movie.

Is like ironman+spiderman


Random Stuff I watch the pass few days

Been busy doing Assignment and Geting ready for exam

and bit angry at myself for ICTA, I did everything well, but I didn’t keep a log book, and thats gonna have a impact on the result for it… anyway, I fail to what was required.



Henry Ford once said, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.”

So Fucking Cool

Capstone website update

Post some ideas and info on my Capstone project.