Email asking for supervisor and idea

Hi Prof David Lowe ,

I am current ICTA student working on the phone tracker project, and I would like to start my capstone next semester (S 2010),

I have an real time project idea that is related to the ICTA phone tracker project,

1) I am wondering if it is a good idea
2) if you would like to be the supervisor for this project.

The Idea:

Using ICTA and ICTD’s real time phone tracker API, generate a Real Time, Animated, 3D Render of the phones that’s detected by the phone tracker system. The location of the phone is located by their PUD id ( id of the detection unit.)

This idea is not new, there is systems currently use to visualize twitter and global internet traffic, the links below have photos and video that illustrates my idea for the phone tracker 3D visualizer.

Possible use of such system.
Provide a “pretty” view of the phone tracker traffic
Provide a map view to for the admin to see the health of the phone tracker system (detected offline, no battery Etc.)

Jonathan Leang (Software Major)