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déjà vu

OMG, had few déjà vu these pass weeks.

1) when hving dinner with family and friends.

I had a dream about half a year ago, in my dream I was having dinner with my family and friends in HK, I remember it because I was wondering WTF, where is J, (at that time I was still with her) and I notice she is missing in the dream, I think I felt wow cool,  strange, maybe my subconscious mind is telling me sth.

well my conscious mind wants to break up with her for a number of times jsut couldn’t do it.

Looking back, I think she is like 3 bad gf combined in to a evil gf. (maybe mid-level Evil)

2) in China with winters.

Just had a moment feeling wow, I seen this before.


We will go to Japan next week, 5 Days from now, its cold, -10 c now. Gonna be there for a week.

Gonna dress up tomorrow with Tie and everything for dinner.

I don’t see any stars in the HK Sky  …

2009 Geminid Meteor Shower

Gonna watch it

I don’t know why but since I came back

I can’t write (well I never write/ type well, but I have stuff to yap about before)

I can’t code too

Not creative at all

maybe is my chair, I don’t like it, makes my ass hurt,





Went china to winters’s place, is like 10-15 mins taxi trip to the border, and about the same to his house.

Play with few of this bb guns, is so heavy, a thompson, rifle and a hand gun.

Went to shop around pc/camera stuff, didnt buy much, just got a battery for my camera.

Saw some fake watches with winters, his friend wants one, is very well made, however I will never buy a fake, I rada buy normal brand or save up few month’s pay to get the real thing (when i get a job)

Was gonna meet with few of his friends, he said they are 7 , 7.5 but I want to go home. So I left and got home around 10 ish.
( for winters a 7 is pretty in most people’s eyes, this 7.5 is the highest I remember him givin)



Log for last Sunday.

bb asked to meet up for dinner,

dad drove me to station.

waited for her under her building, didn’t show up.

(I called and she called too, she is busy with sth at her house…)

I would still wait but she finally said she can’t make it.

Didn’t even show up.



Testing new GF1 with my dogs




Had a walk and took some photos today.

Ate veg all day


I got GF1 !!!! Haha , so happy ^^

From dslr to gf1, feels good, is easy to carry around for snaps with some of the “feel” of a dslr.

Been stealing wifi all around hk

Todays was more tired than uni …

Maybe is the camera and tirpod is too heavy, now i got gf1 I dont need them as much.

Been waking up at 8 everyday in hk, tired

I didnt eat any meat today,

Bb is dating Alex. She seem to be as crazy about it as Tina.
Ppl seems to like to do long distance atm.