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My leggggssss are tired……

Sleeping on sofa tonight

I miss those japanese girls already


Japan ski trip


Landed hk at 9 pm

Went tst directly to meet fds at dance club

Now 830am bed time





Need to control my spending

This underwear feels very good tho

Sleepibg on the sofa tonight


7am bed time again, coded for few hours with breaking music.


I dont like the feeling of being slightly drunk

but i slept very well but its only 5 am ….

need to get to MK at 1 , better get some sleep more now ..


Friends around my age already have baby, made my first red pocket, he seem to have his shit togetor, nice !

Oo alen have a kid too, I think 3 years old already, he must got it like 20 or sth

Anyway, i dun think i have what it takes to rise a kid, takin care of it is not easy, but the hardest part is to manage her well for like 15-20 years.



Meet suki, pun, fung, fung gf, cam wa, his baby.

Luch with suki and shopping for a while then went to have dinnner and saw his baby she is 3 months old, went for a drink, i had a bit too much, silly me, i m fine tho


Believe it or not, a person can simultaneously hold two views at once.

Sometimes it’s called being conflicted, and sometimes it’s called being confused.

Sometimes when our emotions are a bit wild, we make conscious choices to be a certain way and we act that way, even though we aren’t 100% there yet.

As time moves forward, our actions begin to define our thoughts more and more.