Went china to winters’s place, is like 10-15 mins taxi trip to the border, and about the same to his house.

Play with few of this bb guns, is so heavy, a thompson, rifle and a hand gun.

Went to shop around pc/camera stuff, didnt buy much, just got a battery for my camera.

Saw some fake watches with winters, his friend wants one, is very well made, however I will never buy a fake, I rada buy normal brand or save up few month’s pay to get the real thing (when i get a job)

Was gonna meet with few of his friends, he said they are 7 , 7.5 but I want to go home. So I left and got home around 10 ish.
( for winters a 7 is pretty in most people’s eyes, this 7.5 is the highest I remember him givin)