OMG, had few déjà vu these pass weeks.

1) when hving dinner with family and friends.

I had a dream about half a year ago, in my dream I was having dinner with my family and friends in HK, I remember it because I was wondering WTF, where is J, (at that time I was still with her) and I notice she is missing in the dream, I think I felt wow cool,  strange, maybe my subconscious mind is telling me sth.

well my conscious mind wants to break up with her for a number of times jsut couldn’t do it.

Looking back, I think she is like 3 bad gf combined in to a evil gf. (maybe mid-level Evil)

2) in China with winters.

Just had a moment feeling wow, I seen this before.


We will go to Japan next week, 5 Days from now, its cold, -10 c now. Gonna be there for a week.

Gonna dress up tomorrow with Tie and everything for dinner.

I don’t see any stars in the HK Sky  …