Went home around 11pm after all night meeting at uni,

After I got home I stated to work on My poti web asignment 2 (10%) is still a long time until the due date, I just like to do web code. From 12 pm until 9am now, non stop coding hahaha, awesome.

Is not done yet, still lots to improve, I think is playable now have a try.


Btw I cbf to test on ie, if is not working use firefox.

Is like common sense but anyway, u click on the number and choose the new number to play.

FireShot capture #016 - 'Bella Code' - jonathanleang_com_decoder_bellacode_php

Bella Code :D

101000 001001 011011 000000 110100 001000 001001 010011 000000 001001 010011 000000 100010 000101 001100 001100 000001 000000 100011 001111 000100 000101 000000 000000 110100 010010 011001 000000 001001 010100 000000 001111 001110 000000 101010 001111 001110 010100 001000 000001 001110 001100 000101 000001 001110 000111 011100 000011 001111 001101

So Today Bella posted an encoded message on Facebook, after I worked out how to decode it after some hints from bella,

It took so long just to convert a few words so how can I spam her FB wall with this encoded message,

so for the fun of coding, I made this Bella code site, I have no idea what this encoding is called so I am just gonna name it Bella Code.

Here is the link to Bella Code http://jonathanleang.com/decoder/bellacode.php

For example:

“:)”… in Bella Code
011111 011110


Life expectancy

Life expectancy is related how much younger your wife is !

“Related to life expectancy choosing a wife is easy for men – the younger the better. The mortality risk of a husband who is seven to nine years older than his wife is reduced by eleven percent compared to couples where both partners are the same age. Conversely, a man dies earlier when he is younger than his spouse.”

But the it isn’t the same for women, the greater the gap, the lower life expectancy.



Took today off for a rest.


77 kg

Keep staying at 77, doesn’t matter how much I eat.

When I eat heaps for few days, it goes to 79, few days later 77 again.

I want 70 kg

Thinking about getting a exsices bike

Yesterday I was looking for some old photos for Kaz, he posted them on fb, when I was looking for them I found my year 10 result report, omg he marks were low, very very low !

Well everything turn out ok, I got in software engineering what more can I ask, however if I had done I.T., I am pretty sure I can get D avg, and it’s only 3 years that means I grad a years ago. Anyway engineering is a better major.

My little room

I spend the pass week tidying my room, is alot nicer now

Clean up the cables..
Stuff under my bed, lots of stuff I don’t need anymore.
Wash my cloths

Poster printing site

Is almost done, I just wrote the front end, just few more price functions to write.

Stay tuned, the link will be up soon, I just need to write 3 reports this week, after that, I will be back writing the final bit.

Going to uni tomorrow

11:30 so early…… Was gonna sleep early, but I was doing uncle’s poster site, is almost 4 now…..



Going to have lunch, kfc or mac ?



Drinks with Bella, frances, andre