Old plan was to grad, marry j and be father of 3, and live happily ever after. Her father told us 3 kids is perfect. But now i need a new plan, a simple plan.

New plan ( same but with new gf )
Now 22 years old
-Do well at uni ( don’t fail , aim D)
-Expand my field of interest.
-Gain more experience, esp on soft skills

-Make girl friends but not girlfriend, give myself time to forget j, know more people first. and first I should be indepenent money wise.

24 years
Grad from my software engineering course

I would have selected a direction for my job/income , internet startup ? Mobile app dev ?

Start looking for a girlfriend, pick one of girl friend I know from the pass, and start chase her, someone who I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Have a stable income and relationship
Start thinking about starting a family
And be father of a football team