I have been with my ex gf since when I was 16, now 22 , has been 6 years with her. Now that we are not togethor anymore, hope your new bf is nice to u. Wish u happy

now I have much more time with my friends, now spending more time with them few have become much more closer friends, helping me picking up new hobby like breaking (dance) , and just going out movie, eating. I want to thank them for spending time with me, and coming late at night when I just broke up with her, it was pretty bad being cheated by the person I love the most in the world, all I had was her.

The worst thing I did after was I started smoking, now I have stop because I did a pinky swear and promised not to smoke, is silly but it works, now when I think about getting one, I think about the silly shake and i just smile and forget about smoking. Thx for the movie btw, haha, such r a good friend, I keep reminding myself coz I might fall in love with such a nice girl that always makes me smile.

Edit: I will not fall in love with anyone atm.