What does this word mean to me ? !

I can’t define it, I Don’t think it can be defined, but we will know it when we do, I know I do with my ex J.

If I try to put it in words it means:

It means someone more important than myself.

It means I can turn my back on anything everything for her.

It means someone I care for unconditionally and expects nothing in return.

It means family.

It means an uncontrollable feeling coming out from the heart with no logic or reason.

It means someone who will forever be in my heart.

Right now other than family it is no where to be found.

Maybe, still there is for my ex j

Hummm, I don’t see anyone lovable around me, maybe a little for a friend but I want to stay friend, is better that way.

I didn’t like my ex when I first saw her. Is gonna be very cool if someone who does, is gonna be crazy.

Need to know more non play girl, but where! I study engineering….

I think chances are from friend’s friend or some hobby club, riili don’t like girls at night clubs

Hummm i need to be picky this time and she need at like me too. Is not gonna be easy

I m given myself 2.5 years to find someone I love. Hopefully quicker

I want to know more new people, and just be friends