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a reply comment on Hacker news

Enjoying life indeed has nothing to do with what you have. It also has
nothing to do with who you go get drunk with.

Enjoying life has to do with who you are, and what your perspective on
life is. Some people enjoy solitudes, others enjoy being with close
friends, others enjoy being adored by infinite crowds. Some people are
happy sitting alone on a grassy hill with half a penny in their
pockets, others are miserable even as millionaires surrounded by the
best and cleverest people in the world.

Happiness comes from inside, not outside.
via Hacker News

Being unhappy running a successful business


“”"”I sat at the top of the tower in hong kong and looked out over the
bay. The bed I sat on was expensive, the writing pad on the desk was
made of heavy expensive paper.

The view was awesome, the room was awesome, my new shoes were awesome
– everything was expensive and great. Except that it wasn’t. I felt no
different than before – the money had done nothing to make me any

I’d worked so much, and sacrificed so much to be able to sit in this
room, but I felt as miserable as ever.

I sat up there, looking at the bay below, watching the big machines
work on the land reclaim project. The ferry picked up people from one
side, and took them to the other side, a task it had been doing for
years, and will continue to do for a long time to come.

There was a tap on the door. I stood up, arranged the smile on my face
and opened the door. He strode in, a round man with a constant smirk,
and his confident loud presence seemed to immediately change the
dynamic of the room.

The man who had taught me everything I knew. The man who had showed me
how to be confident, who had taught me how to sacrifice to get what I
wanted. I needed him once more, and had called for him once more, but
this time, the task was different.”"”"


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