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Facebook Quiz

Just did a Facebook quiz for type of gf I like.

It went something this.
Q: What would she smell like.
a) Mint
b) Rose
c) Roesmary
d) Lavandula





Chances are she would be my colleague or classmate,

  • Software Engineering

They are hunted to extinction

When I think of J, there is a strange smell, I still remember that smell. I would get super moodly, stressed out.



Yummy Ice at MK



I want to Emulate this

It’s been a while since I have taken photos, while in HK I did 2 photo shoot with Kit, he have taught me a lot, from the websites he gave me and from his comments.

Now, I am interested in taking photos again, and I have a new model b, she is more a better model than j

from kit’s suggested site, I have picked some photos that I want to emulate.

Here’s the link to those photo


B photoshoot

It turns out these photos are some of the best I have taken,

The one that I love the most is not really safe to post, because it is very sexy and suggestive.


My ex girl friend Jayson Mai told me she is getting marry in March.

I broke up with her half a year ago.

Thats quick, congrat


I used to play this game when I was in year1 and 2, I still remember all the stages, happy old times,

Super Mario Land Rap – Watch more Game Trailers



Lately I am flooded with low motivation, poor moods, negative thinking patterns, and little productivity. While in Taiwan, I felt fine, spend a night clubbing with my bro it was awesome! Sleep for 3 hours and still managed to rock on the next day.

Now I pretty much just watch movie at home, eat and sleeping at like 6-7am and getting a headache.

Got up at 9 this morning to Yam cha with Grandma, was so tired but I still want to go. Went to sleep after dinner and somehow I auto wake up at 12 and tapping on my blog now.

I turn down opportunity to go Macau with mum few days ago because it was a business trip plus already been there and I just want to stay home so badly then ar b proposed to go Macau too, a little tempting.

Need to do something about my 宅

Should hang out with my best friends more often like 2 times a month.

Hvnt seen Winters for a month now, seen ar b just last week

There isnt anything I want to do.

Gonna go out Tonight (Sunday) night for Yuki’s birthday’s still thinking about what to get for her.



Deleted 13500 photos from my laptop because I am running out of space.

80% of the photos is J.

They were all in the iPhoto trash for a really really long time, now finally I need more disk space.

When did this get into my bag ?

Maybe I will know what to write in it one day. When it means something to me again.

While at the peak, I was thinking about what to write in it the whole time, but there is just isn’t anything I want to write, I was thinking, I can rip it in half and hang it there, but that’s kind of Evil.

Love is overrated !

Chase & Status Feat Plan B – Pieces