After reading bb’s post.
I am wondering what is it, what does it mean. I believe I am 幸福 because my well being and family. But I have never think about what it really is or means.

What is it in English ?? Happiness joy? Yes but is not the same.
幸福 is a deeper emotion than 開心.

I think it is easier to understand if I try to find out what prevents 幸福,
sickness, war / confects , hunger ( not what we call hungry), hate, lost (all kinds), stress, pain.

Things that enhance 幸福 could be, family, friends, love, enough resource to maintain a comfortable level of living.

It is a state of mind. Where we feel happiness no matter of the circumstances is. (Thinking of a better string of words)
Edit: 滿足 ?

Edit: I think maybe, The feeling of I have the best, not necessary the best for everyone, but the best for me.