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77 kg

Keep staying at 77, doesn’t matter how much I eat.

When I eat heaps for few days, it goes to 79, few days later 77 again.

I want 70 kg

Thinking about getting a exsices bike

Yesterday I was looking for some old photos for Kaz, he posted them on fb, when I was looking for them I found my year 10 result report, omg he marks were low, very very low !

Well everything turn out ok, I got in software engineering what more can I ask, however if I had done I.T., I am pretty sure I can get D avg, and it’s only 3 years that means I grad a years ago. Anyway engineering is a better major.

My little room

I spend the pass week tidying my room, is alot nicer now

Clean up the cables..
Stuff under my bed, lots of stuff I don’t need anymore.
Wash my cloths

Poster printing site

Is almost done, I just wrote the front end, just few more price functions to write.

Stay tuned, the link will be up soon, I just need to write 3 reports this week, after that, I will be back writing the final bit.

Going to uni tomorrow

11:30 so early…… Was gonna sleep early, but I was doing uncle’s poster site, is almost 4 now…..



Going to have lunch, kfc or mac ?



Drinks with Bella, frances, andre


Wish list

I want a Mini Fridge and Warmer.

Cold in summer, warm in winter !

This fridge can set temputure by degree.

I could incubate my own eggs and incubate my own real virus too.


Protected: 144 Killarney Dr. Uncle’s house for sell

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Wtf is been 2 days already

WTF, my last post was 2 days ago already !! Edit: Ooohh there was an error on my blog’s date setting, I posted just yesterday haha

I must have been so busy/enjoying programming my poti assignment.

Is done now, I was gonna style it even more, but that’s overkill, gonna prepare Icta, ee, epm asignment now …

This asignment should be done Asa group of 2 but hey is not that hard and I want to freedon to use wtever framework I want, so I done it as a indivial project.

My Poti website asignment:

My friends’s asignment, they did it together.

Mine is better !

I like skinny girls :p