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Wtf is been 2 days already

WTF, my last post was 2 days ago already !! Edit: Ooohh there was an error on my blog’s date setting, I posted just yesterday haha

I must have been so busy/enjoying programming my poti assignment.

Is done now, I was gonna style it even more, but that’s overkill, gonna prepare Icta, ee, epm asignment now …

This asignment should be done Asa group of 2 but hey is not that hard and I want to freedon to use wtever framework I want, so I done it as a indivial project.

My Poti website asignment:

My friends’s asignment, they did it together.

Mine is better !

I like skinny girls :p

Web Application Exploits and Defenses

Feeling empty


Home Design




Hmmm ipad

I think ipad is very good for reading ebooks and Internet in bed, might get it

I want snack food

So hungry now


Went to watch ip man 2 with Bella winters Kaz Yan

ip man 1 or 2 had more fighting ?