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Today I learn these:

Had a ICTA Design meeting today, did some research and ideas

Might need to use a comet server the as a http push server.

Options, ape-project Node.js, iframe,


Ok I think is the best I hv tried so far


HTTP Streaming Server, in JS

iframe, Slow load


Non-web interface:

Effect on bounce and elastic

“Freestyle” Animations jquery library


Have been digging out some projects that I haven’t completed and forgoten.

Need to think about what I can do with them.


My place

I can see my apt from from here

Nice view

Free domain name

When I signup this bluehost account i got an free .com domain name. It will be free as long as I host here.

What should I use it for ?

A domain for my code ? I can use

A domain for a sub project ? Like shop/online business website ?

A shorter domain that’s like but without the personal stuff ?

I don’t know yet



Ever since I signed up this web hosting I have been coding and posting a lot more. Both uni stuff, for fun and profit.

It was just a blank page with few links, then I styled it a bit then it just keeps growing and there is a few sites that I am gonna complete soon.

Hmm is like my portfolio website now. I should write up a post or a simple page for my hardware based/ embededd projects since there is a few interesting ones done in the pass few years.

Capstone idea

Can a website be a capstone project ?

Maybe a smart home zig bee wireless system with an web interface.

Uts engineering project management

Got the indiv assignment mark back 12.8/15 highest in our group. WTF did the marker got lazy and just tick everything.

That asignment was half baked, I think I did it just few days before it was due, i didn’t spend too much time on it.

That’s good but fuck there is still like 4 report o write not including coding assignment.


Poti sudoku assignment


Poti sudoku assignmet v0.2




Went home around 11pm after all night meeting at uni,

After I got home I stated to work on My poti web asignment 2 (10%) is still a long time until the due date, I just like to do web code. From 12 pm until 9am now, non stop coding hahaha, awesome.

Is not done yet, still lots to improve, I think is playable now have a try.

Btw I cbf to test on ie, if is not working use firefox.

Is like common sense but anyway, u click on the number and choose the new number to play.

FireShot capture #016 - 'Bella Code' - jonathanleang_com_decoder_bellacode_php

Bella Code :D

101000 001001 011011 000000 110100 001000 001001 010011 000000 001001 010011 000000 100010 000101 001100 001100 000001 000000 100011 001111 000100 000101 000000 000000 110100 010010 011001 000000 001001 010100 000000 001111 001110 000000 101010 001111 001110 010100 001000 000001 001110 001100 000101 000001 001110 000111 011100 000011 001111 001101

So Today Bella posted an encoded message on Facebook, after I worked out how to decode it after some hints from bella,

It took so long just to convert a few words so how can I spam her FB wall with this encoded message,

so for the fun of coding, I made this Bella code site, I have no idea what this encoding is called so I am just gonna name it Bella Code.

Here is the link to Bella Code

For example:

“:)”… in Bella Code
011111 011110