2pm Mobile dev Lab

6pm UTS library Studying, since I will only sleep at home.


Still working in the library

Food intake for today:


fillet’o'fish x 1

water x 1


banana bread x 1

Din din

fillet’o'fish x 2

water x 1

Din Din take 2

KFC Hot Wings x 6

Strange Green color color Soda x 1 is good tho


So many pretty girls in the library.
Why dun they study engineering. ( my excuse for not knowing any of them )

Going home now, byebye

Edit: 9:30pm

Was told there is a fire on the sydney harbour bridge. Stuck on the train at central station.

Edit 9:45
Went pass, I see no fire


Got my toy piano keyboard back.


1: mobile project
2: embeded project
3: soft eng project
4: epp2 report
5: sleep normally
6: Buy Ticket to HK
7: Do tax return

Want to go take photo at night.
Need a nice location.