Considering to buy and take my first sleeping pill, just to knock myself out into normal sleeping pattern.

There is 4 full assignment just started and they are due in 3-4 weeks. Time to get busy but I am having sleeping problems. Well I sleep very well just not in the right time of day.

Looking for songs that helps sleeping, since no one is singing to get me sleepy.

Slow Piano works well I think

I might take piano classes with mummy when I am back in hk since here is nothing much to do. Its never too late to get started I guess.

Maybe drum too.

Maybe mountain bike as well.

Oo maybe a new camera. Well I want 2, a nice compact and a new dslr body. But thats a bit greedy.
Gf1 and d400 / d90 ?
Hmmmm I can take Dad’s d700.

Edit: Gf1 does hd movie. Maybe I get that and swap Take dad’s dslr.


Still can’t sleep I hate this.

I only took a 2 hr nap after dinner, and now I can’t sleep >.<

bb just had a nightmare and can't sleep, is crazy how much she resembles a 3 years old.

she is going on a diet and running everyday, I might had mention she is a bit chubby, but is ok, is great for a nice hug, anyways exercise is good, but skipping dinner isn't.

I went running last night, well just procrastinating my projects, is a good procrastinating option.

Yesterday at uni, 30 mins late in the lecture, nothing much, went to have a chat with mobile lecturer, no iphone dev option.


might be going back to HK Mid Nov, still need to check to make sure.

arrr, wanna go back sooner, want to go Japan sooner too. ^^

Ski Ski Ski, want to buy GF1 before going to Japan, since it is a bit smaller.

Maybe I should start dating, without J I have too much love to give and I want some of it too.

Edit: cbb, I like being single atm.

but so much uni stuff to do…

hmmm, anyway, I must sleep, is 6am :p

or plan B is to force myself to stay up until 11pm tomorrow.

Hungry again ><


Panasonic Lumix GF1