Everyday I am doing programming in Python + design and other stuff, 

well coding in python 8:30 to 6 everyday has made me much much better at python programming, I have code 2-3 apps in Python for uni projects and some hoppy project (app engine), now I love coing in python, is just really simple, after work I also working on my capstone project coding in Java and a bit opengl, and i already forget the ; after the line hahahahaha

anyways, these 4 week I have made Vim my main text editor, I love the key short cuts, I found myself hitting : in other non vim editor ~ haha

anyways the problems I have with test case generator is almost solved, is really hard stuff !! I learn so much about testing and test combinations now ~

hmm, since I am doing so much python I might restart my hobby projects I did for app engine, i was thinking to use java or jruby in app engine since I wanna learn ruby and java i have more experience, well now I think python is the best choice to do my app engine project, since I already have one py app engine app and python I think coding in py makes my type less to do that same stuff, anyways, gonna learn how the app engine datastore works, shit now I am thinking about starting an other project when my iPhone and Android project haven't gone anywhere yet ! lol