I have already passed the differential equations at UNI, but I still feel I am not so good at Math,
maybe it was due to the fact that I changed 4 time in different school system, HK->Aus->HK->Aus,
There is a lot of missing basic math I want to fill in. I am good at programming ( I hope I am) .
and since math is based on logic and rules too, I should be able to do very well also being Asian :)
right now, I passed omy Math subject at uni already, just one more signal theory, but I don’t thin I am good at math.
and I am scared of signal theory right now, I think it is because there is pieces missing in my Math toolbox
I am gonna fix that by learning right from the basic.
Looking at the overview below, differential equations, I have already pass the course at uni, but I haven’t applied it outside of the Final exam page. I want to be good at Math.
This guy is good, he have master in electrical engineering and computer science, and MBA from MIT.

btw, I started to think about this when I stumbleupon this post on reddit.