While I was still sick, Lots of funny shits goes on in my head. There was onces I just got up and went to tolet, while I’m sitting on it, I was trying to build an engine of some sort, it felt so real I could see it I know I m only doing it mentally, I got pretty upset when I made an mistake on the design or sth I felt like the world is gonna end after a while I got back to sleep, I felt like I don’t control my body, I m like shit I can’t move, let’s try to move this arm, ooo it works ok, hmmm sleep, then oooo shit my hand is burning, shit I asked Bella , she said maybe is my hands are dry. At that time me doesn’t feel like me, is like me and my body, only controlled remotely like a robot.

I m mostly fine now, that few day was crazy…..

Btw Bella is good and close friend, not girl friend, I don’t have a girl friend, don’t have one now