Capstone Project topics:
Project topics are typically either self nominated (ie. something you have been thinking about and want to pursue), or workplace nominated (ie. something aligned to your work responsibilities, often taking advantage of their resources/information/IP to deliver a project of value which is not your normal job), or perhaps nominated by a UTS academic (ie. staff frequently have project topics available which is aligned with the research interests). It’s your responsibility to develop this project idea with your supervisor – we don’t issue projects to you.
Further, please continue to monitor your email – there are already a few project opportunities for S10 from UTS staff which I’ll circulate very shortly.

Securing a supervisor:
As described in the Student Guide, it is your responsibility to secure a member of academic staff from UTS:Engineering to supervisor your project. This is also a requirement for ‘external’ or ‘industry’ based projects. You’ll need to use a document called ‘Appendix A’ to secure their agreement (signature) to undertake this roll. A new version of this form is presently being finalised, it will be released with the Spring 2010 Student Guide next week.


Alt to RHex, – wifi robot

Home Automation with Xbee

Web Site Dev

Pros, I know more about web than anything else.. This would have good project result.

I need Web Dev ideas..

  • Web interface to Visualize public data (rain fall, etc)
  • Visualize ICTA and ICTD’s phone tracker’s data
  • Uncle’s Photo upload and Printing site.

Help an Open source Project


Using ICTA and ICTD’s read time phone tracker API,

generate a 3D real time render of the data and phone that’s connected to the phone tracker system.