Sleeping patten very very fxxxed up

Spend most of the time, on my bed or watching TV,

Need to start on uni final assignments,


had a hair cut, bought myself a 72mm cpl filter, there goes $100 for a piece of glass -.-

Found out one of my dog in hk passed away because of old age earlier this year >.<, byebye mimi, I miss u. One of her son came back from James since he is working aboard.


Random thought:

I consider Apes to be in the human family tree, so we are kind of relatives, so every human on earth(or else where) is relatively close family, well every living thing really, we share DNA.


Must limit comfort food intake. Gained weight and have been eating lots of junk. I eat when I have stress, bit stress about uni stuff. Need to do something about it.

out for lunch, india curry again. yummy yum yum.
Edit: went kfc

Edit: Got Shoulder Message at Westfield,  feeling better now.

Edit: Watched The big Bang Theory and fall asleep.


Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy