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Flash + Lighting + Things to avoid



bounce the flash off the ceiling, point the flash at the ceiling not at the subject.

this light up the whole room making the image look more natural and pleasing.

also the light will not be as harsh on the subject.


Day light

flash can be use in the day light,

when the sun is behind the subject, use flash, it can fill in the dark side of the subject

Night time

use tripod !

use long shutter speed even with flash, this allows the weak background light to fill in the background, then the flash will fill in the rest (subject).


there is 2 time that’s best for it, sunrise and sunset.


When taking photo of children or baby, position the camera at their eye level, usually this make it look better.

Don’t take a photo with objects sticking out of people’s head, for example light poles, tress or some background people’s arm.

arrr I need to work on uni stuff now. still lots to write about i think