Staying home most of the time these 2 days.

Putting a break on uni stuff

Kaz gone japan

Dun want to see winters

Miss bb already. New best friend+

She is so warm.

Girl friend is totally better than guy friend.

Got myself a blood pressure meter. Since it was a bit high at the doctor yesterday.

Started to code the site for tom. Still need to learn a bit more about paypal api. I plan as I code, but isnt working at peak. I guess I should learn to do planning.

Wireframe – done
Seq – done

Arrrrr…… So hungry….. Fruit is ok right ! There is Pear.

J dun like pear. Pear is yum. J is dum.
Just thought it raims

I m in love with pizza atm. Big fish little fish still open, their pizza is yum. But 1am shouldnt eat that. I pretty much likes to eat anything :p

I think, I am thinking too much

<3 b

Edit: 3am soon still cant sleep