2:00 am

2 hours passed,

epp word count 0

Need at least 4 page for tomorrow



read bb’s blog, re: bb’s {08/10/2009}   Random Thought


my thoughts,

I care about the people I care, because I care about them,  hmmm ~

I think I can only care about a handful of people at a time,

I be nice to people because I want them to be nice to me too,

I be nice to people that are nice to me,

I dun think anyone can block my way, they can block me physically, why would anyone wanna block me anyway, and it is impossible mentally.(they could sent me down a wrong path I guess but I will find out soon enough.)

epp word count 16


epp word count 41

EDIT:(2 days ago event, my memory is limited)

Work on assignment untill 9am while talking with bb, I remember I sing to her and work on assignment and she fall asleep,

woke up again when bb called and keep working on assignment,

after dinner I took the train to hand in a hard copy of assignment, asked bb if I snore, apparently I don’t.