This happened a week or 2 ago, I wanted to write about this guy and his kid when I was waiting for the doctor, his wife came later too and she is just as good at parenting.

I remember them today, apparently there is a lot of babys around me, parenting is a huge job, I have just learn how to hold a 6 month old, is not the same when she was 1 or 2 months, she knows how to complaint and crys now, haha ^^

So I saw this guy around his mid 30s, his kid is about 6 or 7. edit: maybe  5, not very good with age

Like many mid age man he have a a bit of gut and a bit of messy hair, he keep looking at my direction ( I sat next to the door, now I know, he is waiting for his wife) that why I was paying attion to them.

Its the way he interact with his kid I admire, When he sat down, his kid went to look for a story book on the shelf, and give to him to read, I think it was white snow and seven dwarfs, He asked if he is ready and started reading, he read every page slowly and make sure he is following also taking time with the book illustrators, slowly other kids that were sitting there bored started to hang around him, one of the other kids asked if he can sit next to him, and he treated him just like his own, sharing the book with him, his kid wasn’t that happy, and wanted to have the book closer to him, he teach him to share, then he is all cool again, however his kid clearly have priority over him.

Then an other kid just a little older, came to join and clearly he wasn’t parented as good, I remember that kid hit her, and she started teaching him no hitting, his own parent didn’t even look or care, I remember that older kid’s mum dropped him there and left him alone to play since there is a long wait, I mean that alone is not that bad but after seeing her kid just hit her so casually, seems like that’s how they handle disagreement.

ok, need to write my learning proposal.

btw, I went there to get my h.pylori result, Negative.

My aunt pass away cos of stomach cancer, just check to be safe.

The test is easy, I took a pill and blow a balloon. + no eating before that.