Went there today with bb and her friend.

Why was I there?

It went something like this:

I am on my way to my Breaking (dance) class in city.

Got a call from bb (she is in breaking class too)
she was like * hey wanna go to google ? my friend and I will go, but is at 6:30 so we can’t go breaking*

I m like, cool, lets go. (New experience is good.)

I know it will be boring when I saw the event post online (business model ),

but hey I want to see what google sydney is like,

so meh. Lets go… is not going to kill me

in Google Food was good

after google went to have dinner at tomato.

and is always fun to watch Tina  going crazy and talks like a guy.

and David bl, he is cool, finally can talk about some geek speak with someone, now I think I am not as shy as I think I am, just need to have a common interest to talk about.

hummmm, I m seeing bb more then anyone and we don’t live together or study at the same uni or going out.