After getting my project marked, I went home sleep.

Went to have dinner with Kaz, win, Andra at japanese place and go home.

My friends are saying I like bb, I keep telling them is just a friend but my face got red so maybe I do like her, but I don’t think I will date her, she is more fun as a friend, and she kind of have a bf already, I don’t want gf now, i m still actached to ex.

Andra ask me to go yoga class but is kind of gay, not sure if I want to go.

And just lazy about at home watching discovery ch, talking about penguns, so fat and cute.

Think about the software engineering project, learn a bit of code, but cbb doing it don’t feel like it yet.

Thinking about j n bb

J thinks her temper is bad, I think I got used to it in these 5-6 year ( 16 untill 22 years old)

I got used to get push around by her.

So it’s ok, is not that bad

She hv already changed a lot these 6 years with me, becomming better in many ways.

Her new bf should should be good to her, since it is his choice to interfer with us, coz I was good to her and he should too, if it wasn’t him I will not break up with her and she will not give me up.